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Sales Support

Plastics Supply Chain and Technical Consulting Services

Mathelin Bay can support your sales team in two broad ways through New Product Development Assistance and through Resin Markets Education for Sales Professionals.

New Product Development Assistance

There is nothing more frustrating to sales professionals than being given the opportunity to quote on a product but having to say that their company is not familiar with the resin or the compound used to make the product or with the production process.

And if the raw materials and production processes are familiar there is often the challenge of meeting a customer’s aggressive price expectations in order to make the sale.

At Mathelin Bay we can work closely with your Sales, Research & Development or Technical departments to design new products to meet customer needs and help identify and select new or lower cost raw materials that support customer desires for Life Cycle Cost Reductions or Green Products.

Resin Markets Education for Sales Professionals

Mathelin Bay is committed to helping ensure that savings from resin purchases make it to your bottom line—because we know from personal experience that there are few more important challenges that your company faces every day than making sure that the resin and raw materials savings that your company works so hard to achieve don’t just get lost somewhere between a buying plan and your company’s bottom line.

And a sales force that can speak knowledgeably about changing resin prices is particularly important to passing along volatile resin prices to your customers and protecting your company’s bottom line.

As part of our procurement services, Mathelin Bay stands ready to communicate with your key salespeople via teleconference on a regular basis, and at no additional cost, to help them become more knowledgeable of the current resin and raw materials issues that affect their customers—so when you do ask them to pass along a resin price increase to a customer they will have the tools necessary to address customer questions or objections.

You decide whether you want to take advantage of this additional service, but you will always know that Mathelin Bay is there to help your salespeople with topics and issues such as:

  • The state of current and anticipated resin price increases.
  • Resin and raw materials force majeure and shortage issues.
  • The interaction of energy and resin markets.
  • How to explain the impact of distant events around the world on domestic resin markets to your customers.
  • Short- and longer-term outlooks for specific resin markets.
  • How resins and raw materials hedging strategies can work, and much more.

The Mathelin Bay Difference

If you want us to help support your salespeople you can be assured that Mathelin Bay will assign only senior procurement professionals with extensive experience in the plastics industry.

We will never assign a Mathelin Bay salesperson to work with your salespeople, because we firmly believe that procurement professionals have a unique perspective on the way other procurement professionals, such as those at your customers, may think or react in particular buying situations.

A Mathelin Bay procurement professional can even be available to explore particular resin topics by playing the customer’s role during practice sales calls with your sales people—and, hopefully, helping them to identify potential customer concerns, objections or needs in advance.

Because every Mathelin Bay solution is tailored to your unique requirements—and dedicated to helping ensure that resin savings reach your bottom line.

Getting Started

Following an initial resin buying assessment, at absolutely no cost to you, Mathelin Bay will work with you to put together a raw materials solution that is as unique as your business. And if we can’t save you money, you won’t pay a cent. Period.

Contact us now, without obligation, to discuss what Mathelin Bay can do for you.