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Why Mathelin Bay? Because Raw Materials Trump Everything™

Mathelin Bay Associates LLC, with offices in the United States and Germany, is dedicated to providing expert assistance to small to mid-size plastics processors in the Americas and Europe that are currently buying a broad range of commodity and specialty plastics resins, as well as to larger plastics processors looking to supplement their in-house expertise.

We work 100% in the plastics industry.

Our goal is to help you buy with the confidence that comes from having knowledgeable, objective and experienced procurement professionals available to work with your team. We are hands-on veterans of billion dollar public companies who can help even the smallest plastics processors buy more like the largest firms in the market.

And even though nearly 100% of processors say they buy resins and additives well, we’ve helped over 90% of our clients buy even better.

We know commodity and specialty resins and compounded products. And we know the color concentrate and additive packages that can maximize resin performance and help you to increase recycled materials usage.

We have a unique blend of operational procurement talent and technical expertise that has allowed us to help our clients implement what are sometimes very substantial cost savings beyond the simple price of a resin.

With Mathelin Bay’s assistance you can not only feel more comfortable about where your resin price is compared to the biggest buyers in the market, but you may also discover there are completely new types of resins or compounds that are available to take the place of the ones you are using now—all while potentially increasing your recycled materials usage.

We can supplement your company’s in-house Research and Development efforts to design new products, specify the right materials and reduce margin pressures as your products move through their life cycle. And we can help your company manage industry specific approval processes such as Automotive, Food Grade and UL requirements.

Let Mathelin Bay’s in-depth experience help guide you through the big changes that have transformed the resin buying world, including:

  • Resin supplier consolidation through buyouts and bankruptcies reducing your purchasing leverage.
  • Reduced or lost price increase protection negatively impacting your ability to pass along price increases to your customers in a timely manner.
  • Resin price increases becoming more frequent and larger, making effective resin procurement a critical everyday task.
  • Increasingly global resin supply and demand and increasingly global oil, natural gas and raw materials flows affecting your business even if your company produces and sells exclusively in North America.

The Mathelin Bay Difference

Mathelin Bay is dedicated to helping resin processors successfully navigate the new and changing world of resin procurement. We don’t sell a “one size fits all” resin buying solution because we understand that every processor’s situation is unique.

All Mathelin Bay procurement professionals have at least ten years of experience at plastics processors or producers.

We have the real world experience to, for example, recognize that almost every processor would prefer to keep their current suppliers at a lower cost. But, we will not shy away from letting you know if we are aware there is a risk of your current resins being discontinued, your current supplier going out of business, or a likelihood that your competition could be buying from a more favorable domestic or international supplier.

  • Mathelin Bay has no financial interests or arrangements of any kind with any supplier.
  • You always decide whether you want to accept our advice.
  • We simply dedicate ourselves to providing you with the information that can help you make informed decisions.

Getting Started

Following an initial resin buying assessment, at absolutely no cost to you, Mathelin Bay will work with you to put together a raw materials solution that is as unique as your business.

And if we can’t save you money, you won’t pay a cent. Period.

Contact us now, without obligation, to discuss what Mathelin Bay can do for you.