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Non-Resin Procurement — More than Just Resin

Plastics Supply Chain and Technical Consulting Services

Mathelin Bay approaches resin procurement within the broad framework of the total raw materials supply chain. Our goal is to reduce your total cost rather than focusing exclusively on just the price of virgin resins.

Improving product performance, reducing cycle times, increasing regrind and recycled utilization and reducing waste and landfill costs are all part of the total cost equation that is the raw materials supply chain.

Beyond virgin resin pricing we can review and recommend performance additives and color concentrate (masterbatch and liquid) solutions, qualify and source recycled materials streams, suggest waste reduction strategies and help optimize logistics systems.

Because Raw Materials Trump Everything™ is more than a saying at Mathelin Bay, it is our way of emphasizing that successful plastics processors look beyond virgin resin pricing to the raw materials supply chain in the broadest possible sense.

The Mathelin Bay Difference

For every cent of potential virgin raw materials savings there is sometimes two, five or ten cents or more of additional savings buried within the raw materials supply chain. We know, because some of our clients have been able to benefit that much or more.

At Mathelin Bay we will never guarantee there might be any savings until we review your company’s own particular situation. But we will gladly review all of your raw materials and your supply chain in detail, not just your virgin resin purchases—because we think you would want to know if there’s more to be saved than you might have ever imagined.

As is the case with resin:

  • Mathelin Bay has no financial interests or arrangements of any kind with any supplier—Resin or Non-Resin.
  • You always decide whether you want to accept our advice.
  • We simply dedicate ourselves to providing you with the information that can help you make informed decisions.

Getting Started

Following an initial resin buying assessment, at absolutely no cost to you, Mathelin Bay will work with you to put together a raw materials solution that is as unique as your business.

And if we can’t save you money, you won’t pay a cent. Period.

Contact us now, without obligation, to discuss what Mathelin Bay can do for you.