Mathelin Bay Associates

Mergers & Acquisitions (Private Equity)

Plastics Supply Chain and Technical Consulting Services

Mathelin Bay provides expert operational due diligence services to strategic buyers, contemplating mergers with or acquisitions of other plastics processors, to middle market private equity firms and family offices contemplating transactions involving companies that process plastic resins and to investment bankers operating within the plastics industry.

Whether it is quantifying potential raw materials savings at companies your firm may be considering acquiring, vetting target company representations during due diligence, outsourced deal origination services or increasing sustainable EBITDA at a firm you currently own or are prepping for sale, Mathelin Bay can help you identify risks and catalogue opportunities in ways that achieve synergies, maximize your sales price and improve your return on investment.

The Mathelin Bay Difference

  • We are senior executives from billion dollar public plastics processors who are experienced with and knowledgeable of a wide range of processing technologies and raw materials.
  • Our plastics industry network facilitates your ability to quickly understand new markets and meet prospective candidates.
  • Our broad plastics industry expertise saves you the time of having to put together a new team on an ad hoc basis every time you are contemplating a plastics transaction.
  • Our team’s expertise can be quickly at your service and up to speed in time to meet even the tightest due diligence and exclusivity period deadlines.

Getting Started

For a confidential discussion of any Merger & Acquisition related inquiries, please contact Phillip Karig, Managing Director, directly via phone at:

US: +1 314 630 8384
Europe:  +49 (0) 30 443 08 379

Or Contact us now, without obligation, to discuss what Mathelin Bay can do for you.