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About Mathelin Bay

We are experienced procurement professionals who understand plastics processing and resin markets.

Plastics Supply Chain and Technical Consulting Services

If you are located in North America or Europe we can help bring an international perspective to resin buying—even if you exclusively buy and process in your home country.

What can Mathelin Bay help us do that we can’t do ourselves?

Save you a lot of money—and, most importantly, work with you to ensure that resin savings really do reach your Bottom Line.

  • You don’t know what you don’t know; Mathelin Bay professionals have decades of experience buying hundreds of millions or billions of pounds of resin annually and there are just some things in terms of discounts and other supplier services that smaller buyers almost never know or hear about—but we can help you buy more like the biggest resin buyers in the market;
  • The market for plastic resins is not very transparent at all and there’s a good chance your company could be paying too much for raw materials; suppliers will reference supply and demand, raw materials, plant outages and plastics industry indexes such as CDI and IHS (the old CMAI)—but the bottom line is Mathelin Bay has more proprietary data on price points in the U.S. and international markets to help you benchmark whether your company is really paying the best prices it could;
  • Mathelin Bay also has good working relationships at high levels within many major resin producers—we can help you find the right people in a resin producer who can approve your requests for better pricing and we know the cultures of these companies well enough to help you navigate the sometimes tricky process of high stakes negotiations;
  • Many customers are demanding more recycled content, but not all recycled materials are the same and the wrong recycled material can impact your bottom line, your quality and your company’s reputation; Mathelin Bay can help you find the right recycled materials at the right price;
  • Mathelin Bay can also provide some of the technical resources that your company may not currently have in-house, including assistance in setting up testing  and approval programs and developing new compounds to meet particular customer needs—and we can help identify and recommend specific plastics processing equipment that can decrease operating costs and help you develop new parts or enter new markets.
How does Mathelin Bay save you money?

The answer is as unique as your business. Following a no cost, no obligation, review of your company’s buying situation, Mathelin Bay will recommend approaches and alternatives that can lower your costs both in the short-term and on an on-going basis.

Types of cost savings beyond reducing the cost of your current resins often include increasing recycled content, identifying alternative resin, compound, color concentrate and performance additives packages, as well as supply chain and processing equipment enhancement opportunities.

If we can’t save you money, you won’t pay a cent. Period.

How does Mathelin Bay’s approach differ from other consulting firms that serve plastics processors?

We are 100% dedicated to the plastics industry. We don’t dabble in metal, paper or concrete.

We don’t sell a “one size fits all” buying solution. And we often find opportunities, some times very large ones, that other consulting firms have either missed or not been able to implement.

Depending upon the current buying situation, your company’s requirements and your comfort level, Mathelin Bay can provide advice and assistance anywhere along a broad continuum that reaches from resin and raw materials information, to negotiating suggestions and alternatives, to even sitting beside you at the negotiating table at your request.

  • Unlike a number of plastics industry consultants we are operations people and not sales people; we have decades of experience at large plastics companies and we know how to help you reduce costs;
  • Our expertise goes well beyond commodity resins and includes specialty resins, plastic compounds, liquid colors and dry masterbatch and performance additives; if we don’t find savings for resins we might find savings for additives or even semi-finished plastic products that your company purchases;
  • We have good working relationships at many U.S. and international resin companies; they won’t answer every consultant’s call seeking assistance for a client, but they typically will take our calls;
  • We have deep roots in the recycled materials market and know how to increase recycled content the right way;
  • We have internal expertise for navigating resins through Food and Drug grade, Automotive Specification and UL standards—including recycled materials in many cases;
  • We don’t just show you how you might reduce the price of a particular grade of resin with your current supplier, we also look for opportunities to move to better or lower cost grades of the same resin, potentially better and more secure suppliers—and even whether it might make sense for you to move to completely different resins;
  • We can support and educate your sales people in matters related to resin pricing and markets and in support of making your resin and other raw materials buying plan successful;
  • We can develop and help implement resin hedging strategies;
  • We can develop and help implement resin inventory strategies;
  • There is no upfront charge for our traditional raw materials procurement services; everything is done on a share of the savings basis and only then if we agree to work together— so there is absolutely no cost for us to provide you with a second opinion.

We are also specialists in providing operational due diligence for investors looking to buy or sell plastics processors. We know what is important to private equity and strategic buyers and if your company is contemplating buying or selling a plastics processing firm, we can provide a roadmap for reducing raw materials costs before or after the sale, increasing sustainable EBITDA and achieving a higher sales price multiple.

If you are a private equity firm or family office with an investment in a plastics processor, we can help you increase your return on investment.

If you are located in North America or Europe we can help bring an international perspective to resin buying—even if you exclusively buy and process in your home country.

We are different from many other consulting firms because we don’t just hand you a plan and then expect that you will do all of the hard work of actually implementing it and achieving savings completely on your own.

If you and your people want to implement the plan on your own, that is certainly your choice—but rest assured that Mathelin Bay will be there and ready to work with you or even sit beside you to help ensure that resin  and other raw materials savings really do reach your Bottom Line.

For us consulting is about tangible and measurable results that benefit your company.

Who are Mathelin Bay procurement professionals and what is their approach to buying plastic resins?

All Mathelin Bay procurement professionals have worked for a minimum of ten years with national or international plastics processing or manufacturing firms having sales of at least US $ 250 million to over US $ 1 billion per year.

We have the real world experience to present you all of the alternatives we believe might benefit your company.

We don’t present you only the easy (for us) or noncontroversial (for you) alternatives.

You may not ever want to consider changing your current supplier, for example, but we firmly believe that we have a duty to let you know whenever there might be better, less expensive or less risky alternatives available to you.

  • We maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • We protect your confidential data and privacy as if they were our own.
  • And we have no financial interests or arrangements of any kind with any supplier.

We advocate and negotiate fiercely on your behalf, but we always commit ourselves to treating all of our partners, including suppliers, with the highest levels of fairness, integrity and decency.

Please consider contacting us now, without obligation, to discuss what Mathelin Bay can do for you.